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Perdition's Mouth: Cannibal's Howl

[Perdition's Mouth: Cannibal's Howl]

Timo Multamäki, David Hladky, Nikolas Patrakka

Dragon Dawn

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G@mebox author Ralf Togler writes about the game:

Mogba’gh, undoubtedly a difficult name to remember and to pronounce. But it’s part of an expansion and a new character for Perdition’s Mouth which is still one of my favourite dungeon crawlers. Unlike most other comparable games, the base game gets along without any dice. Instead of dice, cards are used in multiple ways. It isn’t really luck-independent or mathematically calculable, but you have much more control about the game. And it isn’t easy to master the various story-driven scenarios.

A long forward to this review of the expansion Cannibal’s Howl, but if you are interested in dungeon crawlers and don’t know the base game yet, I strongly recommend to read my review about the base game (and get the game afterwards). But now, back to Mogba’gh: the strange shaman. Mogba’gh uses a deck with a lot of interesting spells. On the one hand he has some powerful spells to attack enemies most effectively close to him. To prepare these attacks he can use various teleport and moving spells and abilities. But even more important and indeed a really powerful expansion to the base game is his ability to bring dead heroes back to life! So Mogba’gh is an enrichment to every hero group and can make the difference in the one or other scenario.

[Cannibal's Howl]

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Speaking of scenarios, let us focus on the other components of the expansion! Seven new scenarios let us enter a cave and dig deep into a dark campaign in which new acolytes are brought to feed the cult’s insectoids. In this campaign the players are confronted with new enemies in the element water on a new double-sided map. Islands have to be explored in the last 4 scenarios of the campaign, after the heroes have left the cave again. And in this water we can find sharks with a movement ability of 5, so they are fast enemies. They attack all figures in the water without Mogba’gh.

So, Mogba’gh has a special role in Cannibal’s Howl. He is not only one of the available heroes, moreover he is part of the story. That’s why he also is set for every scenario, beginning as a NPC and ending in a mighty companion.

[Cannibal's Howl]

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Perdition’s Mouth: Cannival’s Howl is a worthy, but challenging expansion to the base game. The first three of the scenarios have the difficult level: very difficult. I really had problems to fight my way through the cave and back out to the islands. The next problem were the sharks, but once you get used to them and their movement abilities, they were the minor problems I had. A little bit pity to my taste is the quality of the new maps, because they are not made of cardboard but thinner paper. It’s OK just for the expansion, but the campaign is worth to play it more then once. The new hero Mogba’gh is perfectly introduced by the campign, and it makes a lot of fun to play with the new character. So drum up your heroes and enter a new episode of the cult of Perdition’s Mouth.

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