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[The Essen Games Convention]

International Gamers Awards 2016
[International Gamers Awards]
"The Finalists for the International Gamers Awards 2016 have been announced! So, if you want to learn more about the best games of the year, visit the IGA Website !!!"
Latest reviews: "Termites", "Galaxy Trucker Missions", "The mysterious Dragon Cave", "Epic", "$tinky Busines$", "Die Holde Isolde", "The foreign King", "In the Name of Odin", "Jolly Roger - The Game of Piracy & Mutiny"

The Spiel '15 : 08.-11. October 2015
[The SPIEL Convention]
Every year in October, gamers from all around the globe come to Essen/Germany to visit the SPIEL - the world's biggest boardgames convention. Being based at Essen, Kulkmann's G@mebox is proud to present you daily reports during the convention days, updating you with personal experiences from the Gamebox authors.

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Board- and Cardgame Reviews
Looking for something to play? Browse through the grand archieve of over 800 reviews of hits and flops, all rated with the popular G@mebox Rating System.


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G@mebox Special Mini Expansions
Some home-brewed add-ons can be found hidden in the depths of of Kulkmann's G@mebox. Quite a few variants are available, so turn on your printer and start upgrading your games!

G@mebox Evaluation System
Follow this heading to learn more about the G@mebox Crew and our special G@mebox Evaluation System.

Games Workshop's Talisman
Over the decades Games Workshop's Talisman has become the most popular adventure game ever released. If you want to learn more about the game's beginnings, come and take a closer look!

The Boardgames Awards
With dozens of games being published each year, it is always hard for the player to decide which games he should buy. However, several Boardgames Awards have been established, recommending outstanding games.

[Tolkien] Tolkien Boardgames
Who does not know J.R.R. Tolkien's epic story The Lord of the Rings. But unkown to many of its readers, quite a few boardgames were produced over the years, trying more or less successfully to capture the spirit of the books.

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25th of August 2016

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